"Don't Help A Man Be A Man empowers women by freeing them from the responsibility of changing, fixing, and saving the men they date." 

--John Gray Ph.D. (Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus)
Don't Help A Man Be A Man is The Ultimate Dating Survival Guide.
Rachel has worked as a freelance writer for Latina Magazine.

   Don't Help A Man Be A Man: How To             Avoid 12 Dating Time Bombs  
--By Rachel Iverson
Straight from Hollywood--the frontline of dating, where every dating hazard is intensified, Don't Help A Man Be A Man uses time-tested, practical solutions and real-life stories to illustrate the 12 Dating Time Bombs that are fatal to a meaningful relationship. Each Time Bomb includes a crucial Survival Tip in the handbook that shatters the illusion of men with "good potential" once and for all.

You'll learn how to recognize the best partner for you--the one that you can love and accept for who they are right now.  You'll stop wasting time with the wrong men and avoid unnecessary stress in the early stages of dating the right one.  No matter where you live, you've found The Ultimate Dating Survival Guide.  If you can survive dating in Hollywood, you can date successfully anywhere.

--Rachel Iverson
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